Web Booking conditions and cancelation policy



• The customer must be over 18 years old. And he takes full responsibility for the unit after signing a rental agreement.
• The client must leave a deposit between € 20 and € 100 depending on the type of bicycle.
• The client must pay the full rental price in advance.
• In the case of a lost, stolen or damaged bicycle, the customer must pay the total or partial cost of the repair.
• The Client can contract an extra insurance for the rental period, this insurance is a private agreement between VISION BIKE and the
 Tenant who covers the damages to the bicycle, without intervening any insurance company. This insurance covers only the damages that the bicycle may suffer by accident and under normal conditions of use, without including competitions or use outside of the conditions for which the bicycle was designed (eg: Do MTB with a road bike) .
The insurance does NOT cover the theft or the theft of the bicycle.
The damages caused to the bicycle in case of accident would be covered in case of contracting the extra insurance, with a franchise equivalent to the deposit paid.
The bicycles are provided with a civil liability insurance that covers only damages to third parties. In the case of having to use the civil liability insurance to cover damages to third parties, the customer must pay a deductible of € 300, this insurance does not cover in any case the damage itself or the rented bicycle, so in case of accident , breaks, theft or robbery of the rented bicycle, the customer is fully responsible for the damage that has been caused to the bicycle as well as the cost of the bicycle or the franchise applied to it.
An anti-theft lock is included in the rental price of the bicycle, except for road bicycles.
However, we recommend not to leave the bicycle, in the streets at night.

BICYCLE DELIVERY AT THE PALMA DE MALLORCA AIRPORT OR AT YOUR HOTEL: The company offers you the delivery of the bicycles upon arrival at the airport, or at your destination hotel.For pickups at the airport, it is essential that you provide VISION BIKE the correct flight number and arrival time
before leaving. You can provide this information either online or by phone. If you do not have this information at the time of booking,
Make sure you inform us, at least, 7 days before your departure, either by email or by phone. VISION BIKE can not accept
responsibilities if there was any delay in delivery because you have provided this information late or for not having provided it.
For deliveries at your hotel, you need to provide us with the name of the hotel and its address.
THESE SERVICES OF DELIVERY AND COLLECTION IN AIRPORT AND HOTEL suppose an additional cost that has to be valued depending on this amount, of the day, the time and place of entry and collection. (from € 25)

CONFIRMATION OF BOOKING: Once we have confirmed the availability of the bike category, All customers will receive a confirmation of the reservation in writing, via e-mail. Normally reservations are processed within one working day (Monday to Friday).
To guarantee the reservation you must pay 50% of the total reservation, in advance with a card at the time of the reservation request.

CANCELLATION OF RESERVATION: Before entering the 48 hours of the delivery of the Bicycle the cancellation of the reservation WILL NOT HAVE ANY COST. Within 48 hours before the delivery of the bicycle, the cancellation of the reservation will have a penalty of the amount corresponding to the price of 1 day of rental, If the cancellation occurs for (No Show) for not showing up to withdraw the bicycle without Prior notice of the cancellation of the reservation, the cost of the penalty will be 2 days of rent.
VISION BIKE reserves the right to cancel the delivery of the Bicycle in case of doubts based on the client's financial capacity or due to history of non-payment or serious incidents with VISION BIKE.